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SFS Reel Card

Bring your friends to SFS screenings!

Singapore Film Society (SFS) has launched a new membership card to complement our existing membership program.

This new membership card allows you to share your love of films with your friends and stretches the value of your membership.

Introducing the SFS Reel Card

The SFS Reel Card is a prepaid card with a fixed number of admissions, which allows you to attend SFS screenings and bring up to 2 guests, subject to certain conditions.

The SFS Reel Card is available in 2 versions:

  • 6 admissions for $50 (equivalent to $8.30 per admission) or
  • 20 admissions for $90 (equivalent to $4.50 per admission)

Each SFS Reel Card membership is valid for 2 years and you get all the discounts and offers extended to SFS members, including discounts for SFS film festivals.

What if I have an existing SFS Membership?

You can continue with your SFS membership and hold an SFS Reel Card at the same time.

Does the SFS Reel Card replace the present Membership Card?

No. SFS will continue to provide the regular membership which entitles the card-holder to attend an unlimited number of admissions to all our screenings. The SFS Reel Card allows you greater flexibility by sharing your membership with your friends and loved ones.

When I use up all the admissions on my SFS Reel Card, does it mean I cannot attend any more screenings?

That is correct. If you want to continue enjoying SFS screenings with your friends, you may buy a new SFS Reel Card as soon as all your valid admissions have been used up.

More questions?

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