The Commodore produce the uniqueness that every home property-seekers will certainly appreciate

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The Commodore completion date to launch in 2021 and is strategically situated in Canberra’s heart, District 27. There are many amenities nearby. It makes everyday life easier by offering many amenities, such as shopping malls and parks, or even several restaurants.

The Commodore at Canberra can be found next to a tranquil enclave on landed land. There are many amenities nearby, including Sun Plaza, Sun Plaza, Sun Shopping Centre, Canberra Plaza, and North Point.

It is just a short walk from Canberra MRT (NS12), making it easy to travel around Singapore without having to walk a lot.

The Commodore Singapore is a new jewel in the area. This new location brings in more potential buyers and investors. The buyers won’t hesitate to buy the property at attractive prices.

Every unit comes with a balcony that offers a magnificent view of the area. The evolution blends well in this beautiful area due to its cutting-edge architectural layout.

You can also find modern facilities in your house, such as the basic pools and the BBQ areas. Residents will be able to fulfill their daily tasks with the help of large exercise areas and recreational spaces. Future residents will have a remarkable experience, with everything right at their doorsteps.

Potential customers will be attracted to the location’s connectivity to many amenities. The magnificent development offers tranquility and the feeling of being in the heart of metropolitan life.

The Commodore at Canberra Drive

The lavish The Commodore Condo is located just a 10 minute walk from Canberra MRT. The Commodore Condo offers a convenient location that is very suitable for prospective residents. Within a few kilometers, you will find the Canberra MRT station and the Yishun MRT station .

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The Commodore design features floor plans that are not only spacious, but also modern. Every home unit is unique and will be appreciated by property seekers. There are a variety of units that offer different combinations, including 1 through 4 bedrooms. This will provide a great unit mix for taxpayers.

The development has a gross plot ratio (1.4). The development has the potential to build a luxury home with 5 stories of living space. Potential residents can also benefit from a variety of other facilities. It is a wonderful experience to be able to enjoy the state-of-the art facilities. Each age group will be able to take advantage of the many recreational opportunities that are available right at their doorstep.

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